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Laura Hammond RN


Laura started her healthcare career as a Nurse in 1999. She has extensive experience in Care Coordination/ Case Management, Orthopedics,  Wound care, Neurology, Trauma & Brain Injuries, Pain Management, Nephrology and Medical/Surgical Nursing & Cancer care. For the past 10 years, while Laura has been assisting her patients in the community setting, she encountered continuous fragmented healthcare, delayed care, poor communication and missed opportunities.  Laura identified proactive techniques that facilitated timely care with cost savings and advocating her patients' needs that supports health, wellness and healing.  As an Independent RN Patient Advocate, Laura is delighted to share her experience and skills by providing information and swift navigation for her patients through the ever-evolving, multi-faceted healthcare system and provide education/support through the many pathways to health and wellness.


How I Can Help You

  • Patient Advocate

    Need a professionally trained advocate who will provide guidance through your healing journey?  Not quite sure what questions to ask your Doctor?  Feeling overwhelmed or lost on what to do next?  Need support or more information during a doctor or therapy visit? Do you need help doing Research n a specific issue/option?  Need assistance with completing a Living Will/Power of Attorney to reflect your Healthcare wishes? Distant Families needing a Nurse to assist their Parent/s with frequent visits & medical updates? 

    I can help!

  • Healthcare Navigation

    Feeling lost or overwhelmed in the multifaceted healthcare system?  Feeling like your healthcare is stagnant or need assistance in getting a second opinion? Not quite sure which specialty provider is the next step?  Feeling ignored or forgotten with less than optimal follow through? Need assistance with choosing an assisted Living Facility/Skilled Nursing Facility Care? Need Supportive care assistance?

    I can help! 

  • Catastrophic Care Management

    Do you have a loved one that suffered critical health crisis or an Accident? Not sure about what is going on or overwhelmed with the Complex Diagnosis and need more information and understanding to make an informed decision for your loved one?  Need a Nurse to assist with post hospital or surgical discharge coordination, follow up appointments with timely optimal care to facilitate quicker Recovery?

    I can help!

  • Medical Consulting

    Have questions regarding which medical providers you may be interested in for your current conditions to optimize health and wellness?  Do you have questions about your medications or worried that you are taking too many pills?  Worried about a pain or injury you've recent experienced and not quite sure if or when to call your doctor?  Do you have questions about alternative treatment options or additional lab work that may be helpful? Need more information about a recommended procedure to help you make an informed decision? Questions regarding how your medications make you feel? Need help with a Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney completion? Need help collecting your Medical Records for your file?

    I can help!

  • Concierge Service

    Need a Nurse in your corner? Need assistance with Transport or Medical Travel coordination? Assistance with specific safety Home Modifications? Not sure who to call for Home equipment, Home therapy, Oxygen or medical supplies?  Questions about your medications or need assistance with a medical timeline? Having issues with medication authorization at the Pharmacy?   Need a nurse to help get the information you need from your medical provider? Need a Nurse with you during your doctors visit?  Not sure when to call your doctor after surgery to report an issue? Need a nurse to call on your behalf?

    I can help!

    All information collected remains highly confidential.

  • Fee for Service

    Based on Specific Medical

    needs and Timeline:

    Supportive Care

    Telephonic Support

    Health Coaching & Education

    Doctors Appointments

    Hospital Visits

    Package Based 

    Hourly Rate


    Ala Carte

    Credit Card Convenience Fee 3.5%

    Please note We DO NOT Provide

    • Hands on or direct patient care

    • Home care

    • Legal advice or get involved with litigation

    • Diagnose

    • Prescribe medications  

    • Accept Workers Compensation Claims

    • Making decisions for you

  • Connections

    Based on specific needs:

    Community Based Resources:

    Group Homes

    Homeless Acute Care

    DME Loaner

    Volunteer Groups

    Wheelchair Transport

    Clinical Trials

    Support Groups

    Medical & Dental Care

    Food Banks

  • For Providers

    • Support & Education for Tx


    • Promoting positive medical appointment outcomes

    • Providing pertinent updated medical records for tx support 

    • Timely Care Coordination with diagnostics/appointments

    • Consistent follow through with all providers/ therapists

    • Provide written summary and updated reports at f/u visits

    • Provide questionnaires to facilitate insurance authorization requirements

    • Medication Reconciliation

    • Facilitate communication across all providers

    Please note that we DO NOT accept Workers Compensation Claims 


“Laura was very helpful in providing insight and education to help me make an informed decision. I cant live without her."

Sharon S. /  Sun City, AZ

"If it wasn't for Laura, I think I would be dead by now.  I appreciate having a Nurse with me at my doctors appointment to ask questions, take notes and advocate for my needs. I feel so much better!"

Wayne P. / Mesa AZ

"Laura was in my corner always fighting for me.  I wanted a second opinion and she helped me locate another doctor that was qualified to address my issues and needs. She provided useful information that reduced my anxiety and helped me feel confident in my treatment option choices."

Clem R. / Phoenix, AZ



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