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I am an Independent Registered Nurse Patient Advocate (iRNPA) working in the Medical Field for over 20 years.  My passion for educating and assisting patients navigate through a complex healthcare network continues to grow over and evolve.  My desire to help bridge the gap in communication facilitates pro-active continuity of care and supports positive outcomes and health/wellness goals. 


How I Can Help You

Patient Advocate

Is a Registered Nurse Patient Advocate that assists in improving health and maintaining quality of care and intervention to resolve care related issues.

Medical Consulting

If you have questions regarding which medical providers you are interested in, discuss health concerns.

Healthcare Navigation

Is a Registered Nurse that is trained to assist their patients find their way through a complex Healthcare System to ensure continuity of care.

Personal Injury

If you need a Nurse to assist with timely coordination of medical appointents and

Catastrophic Case Management

Is a Registered Nurse that assists patients that suffered critical health issues with Complex Diagnosis and their Family to secure Optimal care to facilitate Full Recovery

Medical Guardianship

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“She was very helpful in providing insight and education to help me make and informed decision."

Sharon S. /  Sun City, AZ

I appreciate having a Nurse with me at my doctors appointment to ask questions, take notes and advocate for my needs

Jack F.  /  Kingman, AZ



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